About Company

The Dott.Gallina Srl was founded in 1960 in La Loggia, a town nearby Torino, thanks to the Dr. Pier Aulo Gallina entrepreneurial spirit, whose dynamism has provided an impetus to the profiles production for the automotive industry. It gived the solid foundation of a constant growth that has achieved the current business reality.

Today the company is a renowned player in the Italian market about the production of sheets and polycarbonate systems, used to build windows-roofing-façades for the construction industry; the Dott.Gallina represent also an excellence in the extrusion of technical profiles designed for industrial and automotive fields. With the guidance of three brothers David, Daniel and Dario, the group employs 220 people and has an annual turnover of over 60 million euro, presenting also a strong internationalization orientation.

In recent years has been created several production units abroad in the US, India, Greece and Turkey. The Italian headquarters exports up to 60% of production, allowing the company to act as competitors of multinational in worldwide markets.

The Dott.Gallina is characterized by a high technological know-how developed over the years thanks to the investments in design and mechanics workshop in order to create “in house” the production lines and the equipment, thereby allowing  to satisfy the most stringent regulations and specific requests product customization.

The products range destined to building sector offer innovative application opportunities, such as to be used in architectural realizations with international reputation, ensuring to guarantee them high performance in terms of physical-mechanical characteristics, energy-saving and aesthetics. On the other hand the extrusion of industrial profiles gain market shares in automotive sector, that require more and more elaborate accessories.


    • Headquarters surface: 59.000 m²
    • Covered area: 19.000 m²
    • Office: 1.500 m²
    • Production plant: 10.000 m²
  • Covered Warehouses: 9.000 m²
آقای مهدی شاه مهدی ،مدیرعامل شرکت گالیناایران
آقای مهدی شاه مهدی ،مدیرعامل شرکت گالیناایران
آقای مهدی شاه مهدی ،مدیرعامل شرکت گالیناایران