Modular system of multiwall UV protected polycarbonate for windows and translucent roofing applications
arcoPlus®۵۴۷ and arcoPlus®۵۴۹ are modular systems of coextruded 7 walls and 9 walls polycarbonate panels with a thickness of 40mm, aluminium profiles, accessories and opening windows, designed for simple and versatile use. All the systems can be used for roofing applications with a minimum slope of 7%.
  • Advantages

    Easy and low-cost installation

    Light transmission

    Resistance to UV rays and to hail

    Thermal insulation

    High load resistance

  • Applications

    Vertical window
    Traslucent façade insert

Production standards
Thickness ۴۰mm
Structure ۷ walls (347-547) – 9 walls (549)
Effective modular width ۳۳۳mm (347)–۵۰۰mm (547-549)
Panel length No limits
Available colors See page 11
Thermal insulation ۱,۱ (۳۴۷-۵۴۷) – ۱,۰ (۵۴۹) W/m2
Acoustic insulation ۲۱ dB
Linear thermal expansion ۰,۰۶۵mm/m°C
Temperature range -۴۰°C +120 °C
U.V. rays protection Coextrusion
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0