arcoPlus®۶۸۴/۶۱۰۴/۶۱۲۴ Reversò

Modular system of bi-protected multiwall polycarbonate for translucent roofing applications

arcoPlus®۶۸۴-۶۱۰۴-۶۱۲۴ reversò are three modular systems consisting of 4 walls polycarbonate panels with UV protection on two sides and thicknesses of 8-10-12mm. They are anchored to the existing structures using specific anchor brackets. The panels are joined together using a protected polycarbonate or aluminium cover plate profile assembled using a click-on system to guarantee a perfectly watertight seal.

  • Advantages

    Easy and low-cost installation

    Light transmission

    Resistance to UV rays and to hail

    Thermal insulation

    Minimum bend radius 2,0m

  • Applications


    Curved roofing

Production standards
Thickness ۸-۱۰-۱۲mm
Structure ۴ walls
Effective modular width ۶۰۰mm
Panel length No limits
Available colors See page 11
Thermal insulation ۳,۳ – ۳,۰ – ۲,۷ W/m²K
Acoustic insulation ۱۸ dB (sp.8-10mm) 19dB (sp.12mm)
Linear thermal expansion ۰,۰۶۵mm/m°C
Temperature range -۴۰°C +120 °C
U.V. rays protection
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0

Document techique application N°۵/۱۴-۲۳۴۷ published on 28/05/2015

Joint profiles
System with polycarbonate covergasket
System with aluminium connector