Modular system of UV protected multiwall polycarbonate for translucent curtain walls and roofing applications

arcoPlus®۶۸۴-۶۱۰۴-۶۱۲۴ are three modular systems consisting of co-extruded 4 walls polycarbonate panels with thicknesses of 8-10 and 12mm, inserted in aluminium profiles using a click-on system. Used for vertical windows, flat roofing (min. slope 5%) and curved roofing (minimum radius 2,0m with profiles code 4248 and 4249; minimum radius 3,0m with reinforced aluminium profile code 4636).

  • Advantages

    Easy and low-cost installation

    Light transmission

    Resistance to UV rays and to hail

    Thermal insulation

    Self-supporting installation

  • Applications

    Curved roofing
    Façade insert

Production standards
Thickness ۸ – ۱۰ – ۱۲mm
Structure ۴ walls
Effective modular width ۶۰۰mm
Panel length No limits
Available colors See page 11
Thermal insulation ۳,۳ – ۳,۰ – ۲,۷ W/m²K
Acoustic insulation ۱۸ dB (sp.8-10mm) 19dB (sp.12mm)
Linear thermal expansion ۰,۰۶۵mm/m°C
Temperature range -۴۰°C +120 °C
U.V. rays protection Coextrusion
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0

Document techique application N°۲/۱۱-۱۴۸۵ published on 06/2012

Joint profiles

Easy installation

The 4 walls design with click-on connection to open joint tubes gives the panel remarkable flexural strength and is suitable for creating vertical walls and large areas of self-supporting roofing without the use of section-breaker profiles. The metal reinforcement frames guarantee the load capacity of the entire system, while the polycarbonate staves create a continuous curtain walling effect. Special adjustable supports guarantee a complete seal. Different types of reinforcement frames are available to guarantee the required load and wind resistance properties according to the relative load resistance values and conditions of use. Minimum bend radius R.2.000mm

Assembly details
Detail of insertion of the roof components on side supporting profiles
Upper profile with gasket and sealing pad
Detail of the union of the profiles in aluminium with eclypse in aluminium
Detail of insertion of start profile on roof
Insertion of curtain wall profiles on removable base with front panel
Detail of insertion of section-breaker profile to complete roofing
cod. 1169/b

Slip Coat Gasket
cod. 2147

Start profile 684-6104 in polycarbonate
cod. 2148

End profile in PC, th. 8mm
cod. 2245

Start profile 684-6104 in polycarbonate
cod. 2250

End profile in PC, th. 12mm
cod. 2265

End profile in PC, th. 10mm
cod. 4045

Upper and side AL profile
cod. 4140

Base AL profile with frontal opening
cod. 4213

Pad PE-LD, dim. 40x35x580
cod. 4221

Pad PE-LD, dim. 70x40x570
cod. 4243

Aluminium profile 32mm (straight)
cod. 4244

Gabled AL profile (straight)
cod. 4245

U-shaped closing support in AL
cod. 4248

Aluminium profile 32mm (curved)
cod. 4249

Gabled AL profile (straight)
cod. 4252(+4271)

Closing support in AL
cod. 4260

cod. 4327

Additional tape
cod. 4589

End profile in AL
cod. 4635

aluminium profile 62mm (straight)
cod. 4636

aluminium profile 62mm (curved)
cod. 4665_4666_4667

Block cover AL profile