arcoPlus®DB connect

پلی کربنات-arcoPlus®DB connect
Special connector system made with polycarbonate multiwall panels UV protected, specifically designed to achieve large translucent facades and building envelopes characterized by high thermal insulation performance

ArcoPlus® DB connect system has been developed to offer, thanks to its triple layer composition, the highest performance in terms of thermal insulation and energy sustainability with the purpose of carry out imposing translucent continuous facades; at the same time minimizing the visual impact of the supporting substructure. The special multi-joints profile “double connector” allows to build a unique wall consisting of 3 layers of paneling, which can be customized by choosing the most suitable arcoPlus® panel in order to give the most suitable coloring or to apply the appropriate surface treatment. Moreover, the hollow spaces between the three vertical layers allow a complete natural recirculation of air throughout all seasons, bringing benefits for the health of the environments and for reducing heating/cooling costs.

پلی کربناتArcoPlus® DB connect