Modular system of corrugated UV protected multiwall polycarbonate for translucent curtain walls and roofing applications
arcoPlus®MiniGreca, is a complete system for the construction of translucent curtain walls and roofing and includes a range of accessories that make it suitable for all purposes. Thanks to the specific design of the profile the system is perfectly compatible with all the main types of panel.


  • Advantages

    Transverse overlap
    Longitudinal overlap
    Thermowelded panels’ edge
    Light transmission
    Resistance to UV rays and to hail
    Thermal insulation

  • Applications


Production standards

Thickness ۸mm
Profile height ۴۰mm
Structure ۳ walls
Effective modular width ۹۹۵ ± ۱۰mm
Available colors Cristal/Opal


Thermal insulation ۳,۰ W/m²K
Acoustic insulation ۱۶ dB
Linear thermal expansion ۰,۰۶۵mm/m°C
Temperature range -۴۰°C +120 °C
U.V. rays protection Coextrusion
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0
Easy installation arcoPlus®MiniGreca

Skylight gutter ridge application

Skylight obtained by means of lateral overlapping with any type of corrugated roofing sheet. Recommended minimum slope 5%.

Continuous roofing application

Construction of continuous roofing with continuous lateral overlapping of panels. Recommended minimum slope 7%.
Creation of large areas of transparent roofing
Detail of insertion of the PE-LD seal
The ends of the sheets can be modified to fit the different types of roofing profile.
Detail of double anchor bracket anchored to roofing structure
Easy installation arcoPlus®MiniGreca curved

Skylight gutter ridge application

Panels laterally overlap insulated corrugated roofing panels, or fibre cement sheets. Recommended minimum slope 7%.

Continuous roofing application

Construction of continuous roofing/wall with continuous lateral overlapping of polycarbonate panels.
Span Rise Development
۱٫۰۰۰ ۳۶ ۱٫۰۰۹
۱٫۲۰۰ ۵۲ ۱٫۲۱۳
۱٫۴۰۰ ۷۱ ۱٫۴۱۸
۱٫۶۰۰ ۹۳ ۱٫۶۲۳
۱٫۸۰۰ ۱۱۸ ۱٫۸۳۱
۲٫۰۰۰ ۱۴۶ ۲٫۰۴۰
۲٫۲۰۰ ۱۷۷ ۲٫۲۵۱
۲٫۴۰۰ ۲۱۲ ۲٫۴۶۶
۲٫۶۰۰ ۲۵۰ ۲٫۶۷۹
۲٫۸۰۰ ۲۹۲ ۲٫۸۹۷
۳٫۰۰۰ ۳۳۸ ۳٫۱۱۸
Radius ۳٫۵۰۰mm
Development ۵۰۰۰


Industrial contiuous roofing
This is done by drilling and inserting a screw with Vipla washer and cap