Modular system of multiwall polycarbonate for false ceilings and partitions WITHOUT UV PROTECTION

Velario®۶۱۳ and Velario®۲۰-۵, are modulars systems used in residential and industrial buildings, for new buildings as well as for renovation and maintenance operations. It consists of polycarbonate panels with male-female connection. They are ideal for all those cases where a thermal insulation is required with a rapid and simple installation.

  • Advantages

    Easy and low-cost installation

    Light transmission

    Self-supporting installation

    Thermal insulation

  • Applications

    Indoor applications

    False ceiling

Production standards
Velario®۶۱۳ Velario®۲۰-۵
Thickness ۱۰mm ۲۰mm
Structure ۳ walls ۵ walls
Effective modular width ۶۰۵mm ۶۶۷mm
Panel length No limits No limits
Available colors See page 11
Thermal insulation ۲,۷W/m²K ۱,۷W/m²K
Acoustic insulation ۱۶dB ۱۶dB
Linear thermal expansion ۰,۰۶۵mm/m°C ۰,۰۶۵mm/m°C
Temperature range -۴۰°C +120 °C -۴۰°C +120 °C
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0 EuroClass B-s1,d0